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Fantage Membership:
There’s a lot you can really do with a Fantage membership and these things are like a really long list that would take far too long to name everything, so to just ramble off a few: you can play online Fantage and gain full access for a whole month of game play, you’re also granted the ability to create new pets within minutes. There are many more features involved that just the two of those but we don’t have all evening here to discuss how and why we get things done.
This website was originally built as an informational engine to help people get the point across that Fantage is the best game out there for a PC if you don’t have much money but what happens if you don’t have money at all? Well then that becomes a bit a dilemma because we become stuck in this situation of always wanting more that we can and the idea struck me on a sunny cold morning here. I figured that kids would be looking to play this games at all hours of the day in different regions in the world with the help of a membership. Until this website there honestly was no seriously good way to get a Fantage membership without having to actually go to a store and buy some of them yourself which seems to be a fairly inefficient way to be spending your time. We do a special thing though that makes everything a bit easier to maintain for us. We order over a dozen one month membership codes from Fantage in exchange for a survey that they provide us that allows us to get paid for everyone that takes one of these one month membership codes to Fantage and this will be the circle of life for this website and we will hopefully thrive. With your help in the next few months we will be able to see if this is something that will bloom or die. We keep an open mind at Fantage membership and we’d like you to do the same but for some reason not everything is easy for everyone. Now let’s get one thing very clear, we will be accepting comments from anyone interested in contacting us but don’t send us too much or we won’t want to respond to you. It’s no joke to spam us so beware or you won’t get a membership. Have fun online with your new Fantage membership.
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We are currently offering 12 month membership and lot of CODES at this moment

Fantage Membership

How To Use

1. Enter your Fantage Username.
2. Select Membership or Generate Codes.
3. Click Get Membership
4. Verify your're a human.